Eggs, Bibles, preaching, and the Resurrection…

by Jim on 17 April 2006

Decorating eggs - Aunt Amy and Hannah

It’s been quite a weekend, I have to admit. But, a good one. The Good Friday service at our Church seems such a long way away! Since then, the kids went to a birthday party, there was Easter egg decorating and a dinner out with family, I preached at Cremona Country Fellowship, there was that delicious dinner and of course the Easter egg hunt, and yet another delicious dinner, and today the kids went to the Zoo with Mom and Aunts and cousins. Wow.

Seriously, it was a good weekend. We really enjoyed being back at Cremona Country Fellowship. We were honoured to be there two weeks in a row, and I hope we can come again. We were invited out for lunch, and even got to take part in an Easter egg hunt.

Shari’s parents and her sister were around, so we enjoyed some time with them and her brother’s family. I uploaded a few pictures from the weekend, and even made a little video, so they can tell the story better than me! Check out our recent pictures.

Now we have another crazy week – every day is packed full and we’re off to Saskatchewan on the weekend to speak at the Maidstone Baptist Church. In there somewhere we’ll be continuing our prep for Mexico – we’re looking into paperwork issues and other practical things we need to deal with. Fun stuff!

This weekend Hannah and Nathanael got new Bibles. They each got their own, and they got a nice Spanish/English Bible to share, which means we all have bilingual Bibles now. How cool – and I great way to remember the Word who became flesh – who died and rose!

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