The Cottrills are in Mexico

by Jim on 15 November 2006

Yes, it’s true – I’m writing you from Matuhuala, Mexico. We’re staying here for the night before continuing on to San Juan del Rio, where we’ll be staying with friends (and fellow CAM missionaries) until the conference.

So, we crossed the border right here. The Lord blessed us with a very uneventful border crossing. So uneventful, that, while I was prepared to pay two – three thousand pesos, I only ended up spending five. Not five thousand, just five, for a photocopy. That’s about 53 cents Canadian, so no complaints. Praise the Lord!

We drove on with a few stops for gas and food, and our friend Alan went on home after taking us to the hotel. We’ll follow to his house tomorrow.

The kids are doing well, but they have a hard time being stuck in the van all day, and then having so little time to run around. I’m especially referring to Nathanael. The little man is like a Coke can bouncing up and down in the back of a truck. When you stop and go to open it – KERPOW!

There is a nice playground here, so they had a little time to play before dark. And they went with me to get some pizza, and were pretty excited because there was a big window where they could watch the pizza being made. :)

Anyway, I’m ready for bed. One more day of travel, and we can take it a little easier for a few days. We’re all ready to be on solid ground for a while, instead of rubber tires.

Unless Google Maps has led me astray, this is roughly where we are right now.

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Dennis November 16, 2006 at 7:34 am

Yeah! Glad to see you’re in Mexico finally. Where’s your final destination and when will you get there?

Jim November 16, 2006 at 8:11 pm

Hi Dennis! Our “final” destination (ie where we’ll live for a while) is Cuernavaca. We’ll be getting there in about a week and a half, Lord willing.

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