Calling all Canadians!

by Jim on 13 March 2007

Are you Canadian?  I have a question for you.

During the Peacemaker conference we were at, we had a session on cross cultural conflict.  Unfortunately, our speaker only had material on two cultures in particular – Mexican and American (USA).

Hockey fight in Vancouver, Canada

 But I figured about 20% of the audience was neither Mexican nor American.  So as Canadians, we were able to sit back and listen to all the data on Americans and think,”Yes, exactly!  That’s the whole problem with those Americans!

We shouldn’t have gotten off so easy.

I talked with one of the speakers afterward about this, and agreed to see if I could find some material on conflict in Canada.  I already have some ideas, but I would like your suggestions.

So here’s the basic question.  What are barriers to peacemaking in the Canadian culture?  What is it that keeps Canadians from resolving things – either with other Canadians, or with people from other cultures?  Or are there specific things that tend to spark conflict, just because of the way our culture is?  What do Canadians do, or how do they think, that makes resolving conflict difficult?

We call our soldiers “peacemakers” – and we have the slogan – peace, order and good government for our constitution.  But all is not always well in the true north strong and free.  Why do you think that is?

Saskatoon vs Prince Albert - break it up!
Photos courtesy of Arthur De Niocola and Jordon.

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