El Día de Canadá

by Jim on 28 June 2007

You're invited

Yes, the BIG day is coming up!  Canada will be 140 years old on the 1st of July.  And we are planning a PARTY for everyone from our church here in Cuernavaca.

If you pray for people in Mexico for any length of time, pretty soon you’ll find you’re praying about parties.  Fiestas are as much a Mexican institution as meeting at Tim Hortons after the hockey game in Canada.  Philosophers have written about the Mexican party.  But in this case, we’re interested in parties because they get people together.

We’re hoping this will be a chance for us to show our friends at church that we appreciate them, even though we can communicate very little.  And, of course, we want to have FUN!

Late Sunday afternoon we’re hoping 30-50 people will converge on our house for some pancakes and sausages, with real Canadian maple syrup (one of the rare Canadian things we can buy here).  (Pancakes are called hotcakes in Mexico – they’re not unusual, but often topped with sweetened condensed milk or cajeta)  It may sound like a Stampede breakfast, but it’s a little too early, wrong time of day, and our pancakes will be better than the round sawdust-cakes I’ve had some places.

So please do pray that we will have conducive weather, good attendance, and a good time together with fellow believers.  Because, after all, they share our most important citizenship of all – in Heaven.

He shall have dominion from sea to sea

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