syncretism (singkritiz’m)

by Jim on 3 May 2007

I’ve wanted to get a picture of this for a while.  We drive by this place all the time.

On a main street here in Cuernavaca is this shop where you can have all your spiritual needs met.  Are you into witchcraft?  Occult?  Christianity?  It’s all here.  On the left you see a little shrine, typical of Mexico, where you can ask for miracles.  Next, advertising for tarot card or palm readings and a number of other things guaranteed to bring you luck and success.  Finally, a statue of the Mexican Roman Catholic’s favourite, the Virgin of Gaudalupe (Mary).


Syncretism is the mixing of two religions, and it’s no secret that it’s common in Mexico.  The problem is, some things can’t mix.  The Bible has some very clear statements about witchcraft and fortune telling.  What in the world is this person really trusting in?

Click the photo for a better picture.

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