Good deal on classic DVD

by Jim on 26 February 2008

If you’ve seen the movie End of the Spear, and haven’t seen Beyond the Gates of Splendor, you’re missing out.  In fact, don’t bother with End of the Spear at all – go watch Beyond the Gates of Splendor instead.

Both of these cover one of the biggest Christian missions stories of the 20th century.  The story is fascinating on all kinds of levels.  End of the Spear is the movie, but Beyond the Gates of Splendor is the documentary – a documentary like you’ve never seen before.  Amazing story.

Anyway, I watched it a long time ago but I’m bringing it up because it’s on sale at right now.  So you can click on over there and order it – it’s worth having in your library.  Think about it, and discuss it.  Did the missionaries do right or wrong in each decision?  Why?  What would you have done?  Would you have gone to reach these people if you knew you were going to die?  And forgiveness – wow.  Well, just watch it.

Why are you still reading?  That’s like half price – go buy it!

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