Two Mexicos? (video)

by Jim on 12 May 2008

Sometimes you hear that there are "two Mexicos".  That can mean a lot of different things – politics, rich and poor, urban and rural.  I thought you might like to see one of the contrasts in Cuernavaca – the market and the mall (not the only ones in the city, mind you).  I’ve shopped at both places once in a while, and so I finally took my camera to both and took some video.

This video switches back and forth between the market and the mall.  You should be able to tell which is which – the mall is more spacious.  The video starts with me entering the mall through the department store known as Liverpool (a Mexican chain, the biggest department store chain in the country, I think).  You’ll also see some wide shots of the mall and a view of the food court.

You’ll see just about everything at the market, though of course it’s hard to see in a small video.  But I can tell you what I saw . . . tortillas, piñatas, a lady selling cactus (around 1min – you can hear hear calling "nopales"), statues and candles honouring the virgin Mary and Saint Death (around 1min 45sec I think), shoes, clothes, veggies, meat (including fish and pigs heads – you can see one at 3min 48sec) and much more.

What do you notice?  What’s the same and what’s different?

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