A couple of quick prayer requests

by Jim on 20 May 2009

If you like to pray, here are a couple of things we would appreciate your prayers about…

  • Alberto and his family:  Please pray for the family of Alberto, a friend of ours in the church.  The family has suffered a horrible tragedy.  I won’t invade on the privacy of the family by saying more, but God knows all about it.  Please pray that they would run to the arms of the Father at this difficult time, and that those who don’t know the Lord would be drawn to Him.
  • School work again:  It seems that, due to the 2+ weeks of forced holidays due to the H1N1 flu, Hannah’s school is now trying to catch up by sending a lot of school work home.  This leaves us in a pretty impossible situation, since we’re trying to catch up on and finish Hannah’s English school work as well, but she has no time for anything but this school work that’s being sent home.  We’re hoping to go to the school and see what we can work out, but meanwhile this is adding a real strain on us.

Thanks for your prayers!  🙂

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