A Little, and a Big Reason to Rejoice!

by Jim on 11 September 2009

A rainy patch in the state of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Going through a rainy patch
in the state of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

First, a little reason to rejoice is that we arrived safely in the big and beautiful country of Mexico today!  That represents for us the last of many border crossings over the summer.

We crossed the actual border without being stopped at all, but at the checkpoint which comes a little later we were pulled over and questioned.  

Nate and Amy on the road to the hospital
Nate and Amy on the road to the hospital

The officials investigated a box and a bag, and for a while I was wondering if they were going to give us a big hassle.  But thank the Lord, they let us go after a few minutes with no charges and no problems.

So we’re halfway from the border to home!

But that little reason to rejoice dwarfs next to the BIG reason – we have welcomed a new niece into the world, who was born last night at 7:01pm to Nate and Amy Kidder!  Karina Rose Kidder – little girl and Mom are doing well from what we’ve heard so far.  Praise the Lord!!  :)

Thanks to all those who prayed for the little crossing into the big country, and the big birth of the little baby!  Two reasons to celebrate!  Is there a good taco place around here?

(Note:  Yeah, okay.  Although this is indeed technically a picture of Nate and Amy on the road to the hospital, it was not taken when they were actually going.  I took it when we were visiting, just so we could imagine what it might be like.  Just in case you thought they have a full time camera crew following them around.) ;)

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Grandma C September 12, 2009 at 10:50 pm

What a COLOURFUL blog posting! And what great news!! You sure do have a wonderful way with words Jim! :-) I’m glad you explained about the picture. I wondered about it – who took it, days after you left and how did you get it put in your post so quickly?

Yes, I know this is the age of amazing and fast communication. But anyway, I had a chuckle. ;-) Thanks.

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