Hannah’s School Christmas Program (2009) (video)

by Jim on 21 December 2009

And now – Hannah’s Christmas program!  Once again, I’ll play you clips from the whole program so you can get an idea what it’s like.

This program was in many ways very typical, except that the teachers performed the Christmas drama.  But the drama itself (clips are included) was typical because it included pilgrims (aka shepherds) in traditional Mexican garb going to see baby Jesus, and demons playing tricks on them to stop them (although one demon apparently got converted in the end… perhaps it’s not best to derive any theology from this program!).

You’ll also hear many traditional Christmas songs.  And there were some speeches about the true meaning of Christmas (apparently happiness and smiles)… I included one clip at the very end.

It’s unfortunately virtually impossible to see Hannah in the video.  She’s generally in the back, because she’s tall – but not tall enough to tower over everyone else.  🙂  And, of course, it was pretty dark.  However, you can get a glimpse of her starting around 2 minutes 10 seconds, I believe, jumping up and down in the back.  She’s got looooong braids (not all real, mind you!).

Take our word for it, she did a great job.  🙂

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Grandma C. December 27, 2009 at 5:04 pm

I think I saw you jumping up and down Hannah, with your long braids. Sounds like you did a really good job! Yeah!

I really enjoyed the video. The colourful costumes, the songs (many that we know here), the Spanish, the kids doing their best and the great special effects. Wish I could have been there!

Thanks Jim.

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