Our Church, The Flu, and The Latest here

by Jim on 2 May 2009

Last night we met where we meet for church (a bit of irony – men women and children were there, talking and praying where we meet as a church, for about an hour, to discuss whether or not we should meet as a church….).

Sign in our claustro
This sign was up in our claustro last night.  It says,"Everything’s going to be fine.  The rosary is the most powerful weapon against evil."  It’s a campaign to have so many rosaries said (traditional Roman Catholic recitations) in hopes that that will stop the epidemic.

We decided to meet in smaller groups on Sunday, so we’re very excited to have a time of worship at our house on Sunday with another family and one or two others.  Several families will be doing the same around the city.  Should be fun!

According to the World Health Organization, almost double the cases of influenza A(H1N1) have been reported since early yesterday (now 615 cases in 15 countries, over half in Mexico).  Yet if you’ve been reading the news, many stories make it sound like things are improving.

I have a feeling this is a combination of media fatigue, and the fact that the numbers aren’t rising as fast as some expected (still, double in one day…).

Many are hopeful that things are getting better and that we’ll be able to get back to normal life here soon.  But there are still too many unknowns.  If the numbers do stabilize, there will be more questions – will things change when people go back to work?  And will something much worse happen when the new flu season starts?

As we talked about before, God controls the movement of the earth and the smallest virus – may He use each situation for His glory.

Did you know CAM International (the organization we’re with) has it’s own current influenza A(H1N1) page? (Well, fairly current – they’re still calling it swine flu over there) ;)  Well, they do.  So if you’re wondering what they have to say about their missionaries, or travel to Mexico, or washing your hands, read the CAM International response to Swine Flu Alert.

Finally, don’t miss a wee bit of black humour over at Rod Fry’s blog

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Amrita May 3, 2009 at 11:05 am

Hi Jim I am linking your blog on mine

RebeccaC May 5, 2009 at 9:41 pm

That’s what we’ve been doing this week, too. Our church had been getting together in small groups for prayer for a couple of weeks prior, so we just discontinued the corporate meeting and kept the small groups. Several groups got together on Sunday for the santa cena under the church’s palapa.

The poster made my heart hurt. We’ve found people to be more open to hearing about the hope of Christ since this outbreak, but that would of course make them more open to the superstitions, too. Sigh. Keep the updates coming, hermano!!! Que Dios les bendiga!!!

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