Baptisms – 20 June 2010! (video)

by Jim on 21 June 2010

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  Two churches got together for a baptismal service, and ten people were baptized!  Four of them are a part of our brand new church in Jesús María.

The other church was, of course, Sendero de Vida Santa Barbara.

We enjoyed a great outdoor service, and all ten people gave testimonies.  There was Bible reading, music, a devotional on Mat 16:21-26 – but I’ll just let you check out the video.

The service was the same place as last year, a waterpark in Texcoco.  And I think the water was colder than last year – but that’s just a guess.  😉

For more, see the pictures over at In the Shadow of Volcanoes.

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Grandma C June 22, 2010 at 5:27 pm

Thank you Lord, for these newly bapized brothers and sisters! I couldn’t help but notice that the birds were singing praises too!

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