How to Serve Breakfast by Boat (video)

by Jim on 11 February 2010

This morning several of us went back to the flood zone in Chalco to serve hot breakfasts to a few of the flood victims.  Refried beans, eggs, bread, hot coffee, and water.

Serving breakfast in Chalco
Just getting started, serving breakfast in Chalco

Quite a few people came, but it’s difficult to get to a lot of people because of the water.

Fortunately, there were people in boats coming and going that helped us out.  We served out the food, covered it up well in bags, and they loaded it onto the boat.  Then they would go to houses, climb ladders or send up buckets with food and supplies.

We hope to be able to serve breakfasts for 10-15 days, so we’ll see how it goes.  So far so good.  Later on we’ll also be giving out more necessities.

Here is a brief clip of one of the boats that served out food.  Also, Rod shared this news article with some great pictures of the flooding.

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