Swimming Lessons

by Jim on 4 August 2010

Nathanael ready to swim!

Today Hannah and Nathanael started swimming lessons.  It’s something they’ve never had before – in fact, they really haven’t gone swimming that often.  But we decided that this would be their summer activity.

We arrived at the fitness centre and picked up their swim gear (they didn’t have a swimsuit Hannah’s size, so she wore her own this time).  Then they got changed just in time for the warm-up.

The indoor pool has a nice gallery right above the pool.  Shari and I went up into the gallery, and in front of all the Moms I promptly chucked a lollipop stick into the pool.  (It was just a mistake, really!  An embarrassing mistake, but a mistake….)

Both Hannah and Nathanael did very well and had lots of fun.  There ended up being 4 kids in their class today – and one was actually from Hannah’s school.

They’ll be going back, three times a week, for four weeks (actually, school starts for them in two and a half weeks, so they’ll continue a little bit into the school year to get their full month’s worth).

Note:  During our holidays, Nathanael lost his first tooth.  Pictures to follow, but meanwhile if you look close you can see the first "gap" in the above shot.

Hannah in swimming lessons

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Grandma C. August 4, 2010 at 10:55 pm

I’m really glad you found a place to meet your needs for swimming lessons. It should be really good for them and I imagine they’ll enjoy themselves.

So Nathanael finally lost his first tooth eh? Bet he thought that was cool!

I love the pictures.

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