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by Jim on 28 May 2010

  • The Photo Gallery is back. Without all the information. And missing a lot of the pictures. *sigh* #
  • What I'm reading: Canada, Mexico 'regret' visa ruling, but changes will take a year or more – Winnipeg Free Press:… #
  • Photo Gallery at temporarily down. Please stand by. #
  • What I'm reading: A Baby Named Esayim (S.I.M): A heavily pregnant lady walked slowly down the road that runs throu… #
  • What I'm reading: Linkletter Left Us Laughing: Shared by Jim

    Born in Moose Jaw – who knew? And who knew they w… #

  • What I'm reading: Gaily The Troubadour: In the book Gaily the Troubadour, published in 1936, Arthur Guiterman wrot… #
  • Pictures of the birthday party now posted – visit ! #
  • What I'm reading: Caffeine Poster: Shared by Jim

    Sadly missing tea, but still interesting… #

  • What I'm reading: World's Most and Least Touristy Places: Shared by Jim

    Not sure how accurate this is, based on… #

  • What I'm reading: My Favorite T-Shirt: #
  • The birthday party was a success – at least we thought so! Thanks to the help of many kind friends. 🙂 ¡Gracias! #
  • The birthday party is in full swing. But the piñatas aren't – where did I put that piñata rope?? #
  • Only a few hours 'til the party-going to pick up a few things, then serious setup. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Nathanael! #
  • Cakes, chairs, candy, posters, carrots, tables, popcorn, skates, hockey pucks, crayons, lists, music – PARTY TOMORROW! #

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