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by Jim on 2 July 2010

  • My recent article about Toronto was mentioned at How cool is that? #
  • Today only, you can get the amazon Kindle for only US$149.99. Only at the amazon-owned site "Woot": #
  • What I'm reading: Beclouded….but beholding the light: Depression: Shared by Jim

    It seems missionaries rarely … #

  • Hey, I felt an earthquake last night. Epicentre in Oaxaca, 6.2, 2:22am. #
  • Check out what's happening with our co-workers the Smiths in Texcoco, Mexico (in pictures): #
  • Wow. When you study Leviticus, amazing things happen! You should have been at the Bible study tonight. Great stuff! #
  • Tonight at the Chronological Bible Study – diving into the book of Leviticus! #
  • What I'm reading: The girls and their pajama party: I mentioned in a previous post that building relationships is … #
  • Today is a sad day for the World Cup. A sad, sad day. :'( #
  • Going to Mexico City to get my head examined. (or should I get my head examined because I'm going to Mexico City?!) #
  • Please pray for our coworkers' son who has been sick and is going for some tests. Thanks! #
  • Tried and tried to get the x-ray (er … actually, tomography) but couldn't. Have an appointment for tomorrow. #

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