Video presentation for Chalco service

by Jim on 13 March 2010

Tomorrow we’re having a special service in Chalco to thank God for His mercy during the Chalco Flood.  We’ll be providing some more clothing to those who lost so much in the flood, and also have Bibles to give them.

There will be some singing and a devotional during the service, but it’s especially a time for the people of Chalco to give testimonies and talk about everything that has happened.

Below is a (mostly) English version of the presentation we hope to show during the service (there’s still time to change a few things in it, but I think this is more or less how it will be – except in Spanish, of course!).  It gives a bit of an overview the flood and some of the clean-up and relief efforts.

There’s still LOTS to be done, of course.  The photos at the end were actually taken before the flood, so don’t be deceived by how nice it may look.

We would appreciate your prayers that the service on Sunday would be glorifying to God.

Here’s the video:

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