Details of the Damage Day 3

by Jim on 11 November 2011

So, the damage from our little mishap with the deer on Wednesday comes to about $1700. Now, if you know much about these things, you know that’s nothin’.

On the other hand, with thousands in unexpected expenses in 2011, it doesn’t feel like nothin’. But the good news is there doesn’t seem to be major engine or body damage.

The driver’s door was jammed shut, but the mechanic was able to do a temporary fix, and wrench things into place. So – joy! I can now get out without climbing on the other seats! 🙂

Some body work will need to be done, and a new headlight. Amazingly enough, the bulb still works, although the one headlight was smashed.

We had also discovered soon before driving down that our trailer tires were on their last legs, so we got them switched and headed out – quite late – on Day 3 of the drive down.

We’ve arrived- quite late- at our destination. Good night!

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