We are in Mexico! (a bit late)

by Jim on 16 November 2011

In Sunday we were in Arizona, planning to cross the border the following day.  We were meeting someone to cross with Monday afternoon.

But Sunday evening we received an email – their vehicle had broken down.  So the plans began to change.

From there on in, in phone calls and emails, plans changed . . . and changed . . . and changed again . . . and again . . . and yet again!

Our friends were very gracious (very) and eventually things were organized.

In the end, instead of going Monday, we ended up going Tuesday.  Now, this cost us an extra night in a hotel.  But it was a nice hotel to get stuck in.  And more notable, I was sick Monday – very sick (migraine attack).  So it did remind us that God is in control of these things.  Crossing the border Monday would have been pretty difficult for me in the shape I was in!

On Tuesday our friend came with another friend (who had a reliable vehicle) and we met them and then crossed the border.

Once again I should report – since so many of you were praying – this was the smoothest crossing into Mexico ever.  In fact, all our border crossings this trip have been super-smooth.

The biggest hitch came when I simply forgot a couple of documents in the van and had to run back to get them.  No big deal.  We had nothing searched, paid no duty on anything . . . and a couple of times when we were sure we would have to stop (for inspections, customs, etc), we were able to roll right on through.  The officials we talked to were friendly and in good moods.  We even met some people while we waited in line in various places – even a couple of Saskatchewanionians.

So – here we are!  Safe and sound in the Sonora desert, in the city of Hermosillo, as of yesterday.

The only change now is that, instead of staying here two nights, we’re heading out today.

Oh, and more good news – our friends were able to repair their vehicle. :)

So there’s lots of driving in Mexico yet to come!  So we’d better get on with it.  Thanks again to those who have been praying – God has been good!  And if you want to pray as we continue to travel, that would be great! :)

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Grandma C. November 16, 2011 at 1:20 pm

“Saskatchewanionians?” I don’t know if that was a typo or what, but, even though I live in this “land of the living skies”, I’m not sure how to spell it. ;-)

As to your border crossing: what a delightful answer to prayer!!!!! God is so good!

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