What’s with all the doctor’s appointments anyway??

by Jim on 15 March 2011

If you’ve been reading our newsletter, or checking out our tweets or Facebook statuses, you may be hearing a lot about doctors and health (or lack thereof!) these days.

Well, I’m not going to go into all the gory details here.  But it’s a mixture of several things…

  • Appointments that we really should have had some time ago, and we’re finally getting around to it
  • Appointments and tests for Nathanael that we’ve been planning for for months (no surprises yet)
  • A regular appointment for me
  • Additional appointments and tests for me, due to some new health issues new as of this month
Keep Calm and Pray Hard

As my Mom pointed out on the phone recently, I can also say that our van has some "health" issues which urgently need to be dealt with before the end of the month. :)

So, I’ve been to two doctors in two cities in the last couple of weeks, and Nathanael has gone for one test.  Now I have three more tests (at two locations), and at least two more doctor’s appointments, Shari has one, and Nathanael has two — all most likely in the next week.  And those are in three different cities.  (Well, four if you count Ixtapaluca as separate from Mexico Distrito Federal… both part of Mexico City, but in two states.)

So, what do you need to know (especially if you’re praying)?

  • No one is dying (well, everyone in the world is dying, but as far as we know no one in our family is on their way out especially quickly!). :)
  • I’m the only one who really feels especially crummy, and so far the doctors say what they always say – I’m in excellent health. ;)
  • This is insane.  It’s not easy doing all this in the midst of normal ministry.  But it must be done.
  • We would appreciate your continued prayers for our health, for our ministry, and wisdom over the next couple of weeks especially.
  • We’ll try to keep you informed (although I don’t like getting too specific here – make sure you’re on our Support Team for more details if you want to pray).

Today – two appointments, and one pickup of test results.  Three locations, but all in Puebla.  *phew*

Poster spoof courtesy of the Keep Calm-o-matic

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