And what are you going to learn this week? :)

by Jim on 26 August 2012

I made up a little sheet to remind people about the activities of the week.  Of course, this doesn’t include community centre activities, which start up in the middle of September.  Here’s basically what it says – translated into English for your convenience. :)


10:00am Worship the Lord!
Philippians 4
Special themes (starting September 9th)


9:30am Women’s Study
Women of the Bible
➫ Doctrines of the Bible (next week – Regeneration)
➫ Discovering Life 2 (next week – What is the Church?)
➫ Children’s Bible Study


Join José and Adriana to visit people in Alfredo del Mazo


9:00am Prayer Meeting (Psalm 127:1)


Kids’ Club – Learning with Rondi the Bear
Chronological Bible Study (youth/adults) (next week – The Flood)
8:00pm Men’s Meeting (1 John)

¿Y qué vas a aprender en esta semana?

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