Canadians, Coffee, and CAM

by Jim on 1 November 2012

I’ve written about the history of CAM International/Camino Global before, but there’s one thing I didn’t mention.

It was the 14th of November 1890 when the mission was first formed, after a series of prayer meetings.  But the prayers started before that.

Two Canadian wives of coffee plantation owners (Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Lang) were praying.  They lived in San José, Costa Rica.  They prayed that God would send someone to reach the many around them who did not know the Lord.

When the first missionaries (William and Minnie McConnell and their children) arrived in Costa Rica, they met these two women, and discovered that their family was an answer to prayer!

Recently we have been reminded of the tremendous need and opportunity here in central Mexico.  What can we do?


Pray that God would send labourers into the harvest field.  Pray that missionaries would come to share the Gospel.  I can see houses stretching into the distance from here where I’m sitting.  I will try to serve the best I can, but I am only one.

God is so much bigger than you or I, and He wants to use us.  Please pray!

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