“Grey Areas” Follow-up

by Jim on 22 October 2012

We had some interesting discussions in our Bible study on “grey areas” last week.  We also had some interesting discussions on Facebook, and even in the comments on the post!

Some interesting things to note:

  • Some other grey areas people mentioned:  Wearing crosses, Christmas trees, tattoos, what should be allowed on Sundays, playing in a non-Christian band, dancing, Hallowe’en (see my thoughts on that one in the comments of the original post), the role of pastor’s wives, and eating blood.
  • One thing that actually came up as a real and current issue was whether or not you should eat/buy “meat offered to idols”.  I admit, although we studied related passages, I wasn’t thinking about it as an actual issue.
  • One thing to remember is that some issues are directly discussed in the Bible, but there’s disagreement about the meaning/application (ie drinking alcohol).  Other things are not directly mentioned, but the Bible still has relevant things to say (for example, video games or movies).  Sometimes we think that if the Bible doesn’t lay it out directly and clearly it has nothing to say on the matter.  Why is that?  Are we being lazy?  Or are we afraid to make waves?

It was a really interesting study, not just because of cultural issues, but because it’s good to think over how we can glorify God in these things, and just what “freedom” is in the Christian life.  I think we get it wrong quite often.

Tomorrow’s study – prayer!  I think I’m about to be challenged again…

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