Heading north to Colorado…

by Jim on 14 July 2012

This morning we’re heading out on our trip to Colorado, USA.  We start by flying to Denver, then tomorrow we’ll catch a shuttle bus to Estes Park, where we’ll be participating in a week of meetings with Camino Global and CAM International of Canada.  As an extra-cool bonus, our friend Tina is on the same flight with us!

After that we’ll head back to Denver to spend a little time as a family, visit a friend, and get some clothes for our growing kids.  Oh, and they have fudge in the Denver airport (hopefully maple – no nuts).  Just sayin’.

For your convenience, I’m posting the weather up there at Estes Park, and Denver.  To see the weather back home in Mexico City, see the right side bar on our blog.

We would appreciate your prayers as we travel and connect with other missionaries from around the world.

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