High Speed Takes Time.

by Jim on 10 July 2012

I take the key out of the ignition and grab whatever relevant papers I have.  I’m wondering – what will happen today?  Progress?  Or the usual?

I’m sitting outside the HQ of a local cable company.  I’ve been trying to get an internet contract with them.

Sure, we have internet – sort of.  It’s through our phone line, and it’s an extremely slow "high speed" connection.  As a matter of fact, it seems that whenever somebody uses a phone in our neighbourhood, the internet disconnects.  As you can imagine, that happens a lot!

Phone ad from early 1900s

Sure, we’ve told the company.  They’ve assured us someone would be around to fix it.  But after several years, we’re ready to give up.

But here I am on my sixth (or is it seventh?) trip to the cable company.  They have copies of my ID.  They know where my house is.  I’ve been told by two people that they can hook us up with internet access.

But so far I have no contract, and no one has been to my house.  Although someone has promised to come at specific times more than once.

I go in and the lady I’ve been working with isn’t in today.  I explain that it’s been two weeks now.  Their answer is, basically, "These things take time".

They do indeed.

I want to go home to work on a health insurance claim.  All I need to finish it is a couple of receipts from my doctor.

You see, when Nathanael and I went in, we paid the doctor – cash – but they didn’t have what they needed to give me a proper receipt.

No problem.  I’ll swing by later.

I called on Friday, and the doctor was gone for the weekend – he’d be back Monday.

I called Monday.  No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

Finally got someone – and apparently their accountant says that they can’t give me a receipt (for whatever reason) at least until the next day.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

So I give up and go home.  I need to see if we’ve heard anything from our landlord about the water bill.  We need to pay it, but he’s checking into the details.  Nothing yet.  So far, no one has come to shut off our water.

We’re trying to get an important document for our visas.  The man in charge is away until mid-August, but no problem – his secretary can help me.  I emailed her all the details last week.

Sorry, I can’t help you right now – all our internet and phone system is down, and won’t be back up until Monday…

Do tell.

(what internet/phone company are they with, I wonder?)

Well, I didn’t hear from her on Monday, but we’ll try again today.

Meanwhile, my cable rep will be back in the office… on Friday.  I’ll come again, say hi to the security guard (who now knows me quite well) and get the latest estimates about when we can start thinking about whether or not they can give me internet.

It’s a typical week.  Whatever it is, it will probably take time.

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Shari Cottrill July 10, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Ha! Just another day in the life…! Right. Yeah. TRYING to have a good attitude about all this stuff. Basically, you just have to stand there and shake your head. This is exactly why whenever I DO experience a little efficiency…whether it’s here in Mexico or elsewhere…I go on and on, GUSHING with thanksgiving and appreciation! ;O) It’s amazing how you just don’t appreciate efficiency until you don’t have it anymore! You said it well in this blog post, Jim!

Sharon Somers July 10, 2012 at 8:20 pm

That’s quite the frustrating week! Shari, you have the right idea. Try to encourage efficiency when you find it. Maybe it’ll rub off on others.

Grandma C. July 10, 2012 at 10:18 pm

And we think some things take time here in Canada! Well, they do, but your post shows us yet another thing or two to be thankful for about living in Canada.

Dear Lord, how much patience is enough? Is it really a bad thing to pray for? I do know that it’s a very valuable character trait. And that You are GOOD – all the time; all the time You are GOOD. Thank You for being so good and caring and PATIENT with us!

Love & continuing prayers for you all.

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