Just what is this Convocation thing?!

by Jim on 4 July 2012

Some of you may be wondering – what is this Convocation you’ve been talking about?

Well, our mission organization has tried to have an all-mission-international get-together every few years.  Lately it’s ended up being about once-a-decade (I believe the last one waqs 2003).

So that’s basically what Convocation is.  Missionaries and other connected people from CAM International of Canada and Camino Global will be getting together, this time in Estes Park, Colorado.

Now, we wouldn’t have chosen to leave home again at this time, but these meetings is compulsory.  The good news is, we’ll only be gone for about 10 days.  And there are some other great things about the trip…

So here are the details in a nutshell:

  • Name:  Convocation
  • Attending:  Those with Camino Global and CAM International of Canada
  • Dates:  15-21 July 2012
  • Other dates:  22-24 July, we’ll be staying a few days for a mini-holiday
  • Purpose:  This year’s Convocation will serve a variety of purposes.  For one thing, Camino Global has a new president, so we’ll be welcoming him.  Of course it’s a chance to worship and celebrate with and connect with missionaries from around the world.  We’ll also be attempting to set up international groups to share resources and strategies on certain themes, such as church planting and leadership training.  There will be various other meetings going on for various purposes.
  • Where:  In Estes Park, Colorado, there’s a YMCA outfit that we’ll be making use of.  Don’t know much about it, but I think we’ll have a place to sleep and some food. :)
  • Kids?  Hannah and Nathanael will actually be enrolled in a YMCA kids’ camp.  It’s a Christian based children’s day camp that runs until mid-afternoon each day.
  • Other stuff?  The YMCA and park have lots of great facilities and activities that we may be able to make use of in the afternoons.
  • How?  How are we getting there?  We decided to fly, since we don’t want to be away for long and driving would have added several days to the trip.
  • Weather:  Lately the weather has been about 5-10°C hotter in Estes Park than it has been in Ixtapaluca.  Hence all the wildfires, I guess!  The good news is, the wildfires near where we’ll be have been mostly contained.

So – there are things to look forward to and not look forward to!  There’s the challenges – like I’ll probably have health issues to deal with with all the changes of food and environment.  There’s the onslaught of US culture (we love our friends from the US – but don’t always understand them! (or – do we ever really understand them?)), there’s sitting in meetings (AAAAAHHHHH!), and travel times with two (hopefully angelic) kids….

But there’s good things too – visiting a foreign country and seeing new things, Lord willing visiting a friend in Denver (you know who you are), spending time with family, reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and sharing together about making disciples of all nations!

We’re also going to be picking up some school supplies – more on that later!

So – ok, I admit it, mixed feelings.  But it’s only a few days.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Meanwhile, lot’s to work on before we go… kids’ club, Sunday music, Bible studies, getting together with people…. and lots to think about when we get back! :)

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