See a Sunday Morning in Jesús María! (video)

by Jim on 18 April 2012

This video by Cameron Fenske shows a glimpse of a typical Sunday morning in Jesús María.  The footage is from a few months ago, but things haven’t changed too much.  We do have chairs now, thanks to a gift from the MI Team.  Harder to carry up the stairs, but much more comfortable to sit in.

As you might imagine, moving all these things constantly does take its toll.  It was my turn this past Sunday to move things, and we discovered that the keyboard has kicked the bucket.  Someday we may have the time and money to see if we can repair it.  Allan was mentioning that the drum set is in pretty bad shape as well.

But right now we have other priorities – as a church, we’re praying for a building – which will mean a lot less moving!

If you’d like to help, you can donate toward this project (Project #63604) in Canadian currency here and in US currency here.

video via Plastic Stool Video

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Grandma C. April 18, 2012 at 5:49 pm

It’s wonderful that the MI team donated chairs for your services, but I can see that they’d be harder to move than the stools.

Do you train during the week for moving all this stuff. Not a bad idea. I need to do some strength building myself.

Sorry to hear about your instruments.

Thanks for the reminder of the need for a larger, permanent building.

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