The Adults at the VBS!

by Jim on 5 July 2012

I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that there had been more adults coming every day to our club this week – which I originally called a "kids’ club".  The reality is that there have been activities for kids, youth, and adults.

We have had new adults every day.  We’ve been learning the same verses as the kids – and actually, we’ve been doing the same crafts as the kids!  Except that we fight over the colours more. ;)

Tomorrow is the last day of the club – the grand finale!

By the way, it’s also the last day of school!  Well, actually, there is no school – just a closing program at Hannah’s school.  So we’re all going to go in the morning to cheer her on – then on to the Vacation Bible School at night. :)

Here are the adults, gathered around for the study.  Tonight we learned a great Gospel verse from James – God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. (Jam 4:6b)

Adults at the VBS

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