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by Jim on 6 July 2012

  • Hannah's last day of school for the year – - actually, just a closing program! Heading out now. #
  • Fewer kids than yesterday at the club, but still a good crowd. More adults everyday, though, studying the same topics along with the kids. #
  • If you don't mind a little sarcasm – this is like a taco with extra salsa: "They don’t ask. We don’t tell." #
  • Más que 50 niños ayer en el club de niños, y más jóvenes y adultos. ☺ More than 50 kids at the kids' club yesterday, plus youth and adults. #
  • So looks like our next Mexican President will be our former State Governor – Enrique Peña Nieto is in our prayers. #
  • The kids' club begins tonight! El club de niños comienza esta noche! #
  • The Gospel is NOT – "Love God and love one another" #
  • "Exhorto que se hagan oraciones y acciones de gracias por todos los que están en autoridad" (de 1Timoteo 1:1-2) [México 1 julio 2012] #
  • Watching Mexican election analysis… and Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. Interesting combination! Thank God for two GREAT countries! #
  • "Your vote is free and secret" – Mexicans go to the polls today. Please pray for the people of Mexico. via @imgur #
  • Preparing for next week's kids club! ⌇ ¡Preparando para el club de niños de la proxima semana! #
  • Brace yourself! Today is an EXTRA long day! (extra-long Canada Day weekend for friends in CA) #

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