This past week’s Tweets…

by Jim on 10 August 2012

  • Taking the youth from Sendero de Vida Santa Barbara to a retreat. Then back home – to get Sunday's music ready… #
  • Cranford. Still great the second time around. Just sayin'. #
  • Did you know? The "Post-It Note" was invented in order to use as a bookmark in a church hymnal. #
  • Finally finished buying the kids' b-day gifts. Only 3 months late! ;) #
  • They fixed the leak in our street finally. Nothing worse than a wet street – a busted sidewalk – and low water pressure. ;) #
  • Reading: A smorgasbord of Bible memorization methods (and one way to learn whole books) #
  • Water bubbling up from under the sidewalk of an uninhabited house on our street. LOTS of water. Ready to start ark-building. 1cubit, 2cubits #
  • The Gospel is NOT – "A pyramid scheme" #
  • Picking up Tina at the airport. :) #

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