This past week’s Tweets…

by Jim on 31 August 2012

  • Reading: Whom Shall I Fear? Rescuing Daniel from the Children’s Books #
  • Natanael parece estar sintiendo mucho mejor. ☺ Nathanael seems to be feeling a lot better. #
  • Looks like we may have our internet fixed after… well, 4 years! Time will tell, but so far, so good. And at a lower price. #
  • Taking care of a sick son ☹ Cuidando a un niño enfermo #
  • Another of Mexico's languages added to (NT) – listen to Mazahua here: #
  • After the Bible study, Marta had the kids share what they had learned (about Solomon's Temple)… #
  • Tonight's Bible study – What is the Church? (Descubriendo la Vida 2) El estudio de esta noche – ¿Qué es la Iglesia? #
  • Does anyone else think it's odd that corn syrup is marketed for babies? ("easy to digest") #
  • Reading: TV chef highlights 'a different Mexico' – Victoria Times Colonist #
  • The Gospel is NOT – "What feels right" #
  • There's an egg shortage in Mexico. I guess I'll have to start raiding nests. #
  • Danger = Knowing how easy it is to make sponge toffee. ⚐ Peligro = Sabiendo qué fácil es hacer carmelo de esponja. #
  • Kids' Club this morning – looks like they were havin fun! :) #
  • Back from this morning's Bible study. Interesting discussions, as always! :) #
  • Chronological Bible Study tomorrow — #

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