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by Jim on 14 September 2012

  • Reading: Driving the Churches Away – An Update #
  • Storm. Tree fell. Almost hit our van. Ok, maybe it was more of a tall shrubbery. But tree sounded more impressive. Judge 4… #
  • ¡Feliz Día Internacional del Chocolate! ♡ Happy International Chocolate Day! #
  • Happy International Chocolate Day! A great gift to the world from Mexico! The word "chocolate" comes from Mayan/Aztec "chocolatl". Enjoy! #
  • 94% off the Kindle version of "The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards" by Steven J. Lawson. (Get it while it's… #
  • Check out the Mind-Blowing Museums of Mexico City #
  • Nathanael and I got our hairs cut. Here's where it happened. #
  • Still trying to work through visa issues. Legal paperwork is oh-so-fun! :) #
  • El estudio de esta noche: ¿Qué es la voluntad de Dios para mi vida? ◄⁈► Tonight's study: What is God's will for my life? #
  • Reading: How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist [Security] #
  • Reading: Driving the Churches Away #
  • You can donate online toward the Ixtapaluca Project! Visiti the Jesús María Project: About page on Facebook— #
  • The Gospel is NOT – "Just another way to understand the Great Oneness of the Universe" #
  • If you'd like, I'd be thankful if you could pray as I preach this morning in Jesús María. Some details posted yesterday:… #
  • El estudio de Sábado: El llamado a Abram ⤺ Saturday's study: The Call of Abram #
  • Reading: The Law of God: ‘Have You Obeyed My Commands?’ #

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