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by Jim on 28 September 2012

  • El estudio del Sábado (9am en el Centro Cultural Tiempo de Vivir)): La Ley Saturday's study (9am in the community centre): The Law #
  • Finally got word that our nephew and his family are ok. Finalmente nos enteramos de que nuestro sobrino y su familia están bien. #
  • Reading: No secret plans to invade Canada, U.S. says, but that wasn’t always the case (well, that's a relief…) #
  • Still no news about our nephew and his family – praying! Todavia no hay noticias sobre nuestro sobrino – ¡orando! #
  • Giveaway almost finished: #
  • On our way home from Nathanael's swimming class today… #
  • Reading: Freedom of expression stifled by abortion, warns Canadian grandmother on national television #
  • That's a lot of tuna. #
  • Anticipating the birth of our nephew! ~:O) ¡Anticipando el nacimiento de nuestro sobrino! #
  • Actually had enough water for a normal shower this morning! Thank God for small blessings (which sometimes feel like BIG ones)! :) #
  • Still more chances to win: #
  • Esta noche (otra vez): ¿Cómo puedo tener un Tiempo Devocional? (¿por qué? ¿cuando?) ≟ Tonight (again): How do I have Devotions? (why? when?) #
  • A Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaway #
  • New photos of the Independence Day party and more right here: #
  • The Gospel is NOT – "God loves you – now He wants to teach you to love yourself" #
  • Felt a mild (for us) earthquake this morning. 5.4 centred south of us in Oaxaca. #
  • Celebrating Independence Day a little late with Chiles en Nogada (for our family day) #
  • Saturday's study: The Exodus/The Passover ⤳ Estudio de Sábado: El Éxodo/La Pascua #

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