Two Sides of La Salvación

by Jim on 5 August 2012

Today I’m preaching in Jesús María, from Philippians 3:1-11.  It seems like there are two mountain tops in the letter – or two jewels.  And those are in Philippians 2 (the eloquent story of Jesus coming to earth as a servant – likely quoted from an ancient hymn), and then in chapter 3, where Paul explains how the great achievements of his former life are nothing (worse than nothing – garbage, trash) compared to knowing Christ and having the righteousness of God.

I wanted to illustrate how we often focus on one side of salvation – what we "need to do" to "come to Christ".  To put it more biblically, faith and repentance.

Of course these things are important, but God does show us a little bit "behind the scenes" into what salvation really is.

And the topic of the Gospel and what it really is – we’ll never plumb the depths – we’ll never truly exhaust the riches of what God has done – is doing – and will do.

So I have a two sided poster – and a two sided card to hand out – to at least remind us of a few of the realities of salvation.

Actually, I was just talking to my Dad who said he’s preaching on a similar topic.  He’s doing it over a couple of Sundays, and I think he mentioned that he’s talking about 50 things.

I don’t have time for 50 – but here are the two sides of the card. It’s in Spanish, of course, and some of the text will be kinda small, but you might be able figure some of it out. :)

If you’re curious, I could translate for you.

La Salvación 1
La Salvación 2

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