Washers, Cables – Whatta Week (so far)

by Jim on 31 August 2012

And what a week it has been (so far)!

I admit, I started it in pretty bad shape.  I was feeling quite sick by Sunday evening (although I managed to make it to a neighbourhood meeting – topics ranging from security to cat poop).  And I don’t think I’ve entirely recovered.

In spite of my health and the current egg shortage in Mexico (yes, really), I finally managed to find some eggs on Monday.  Can’t say I didn’t do anything this week.

On Tuesday – well, for a lot of the week, actually – we were working toward getting our new visas for Mexico (the next level up – longer lasting ones).  We’ve been working on this since last November (yes, really), of course.  I wonder how many hours I’ve spent on it?

Anyway, it’s been back and forth with the lawyer lately.

Problems with our printer plagued me on Tuesday, and I was late to my study, with only 1/2 of the handouts (that is, half per person – only one side of the sheet!).  But it was an interesting study, with a good turn-out.  (Topic – What is the Church?)

On Wednesday I tried to get the printer working properly, but the internet seemed to slow almost to a halt.  As you might guess, it seemed that everything I had to do involved either the printer or the internet.

But believe it or not – after about 2 months and 10-15 visits to their office – someone from the cable company showed up!  They connected out internet and phone service, ending (hopefully) about 4 years of an internet connection that didn’t really work.

(Let’s put it this way – our old connection generally wasn’t good enough to watch YouTube videos (for example), and seemed to disconnect completely every time someone in the neighbourhood used their phone.)

On Thursday, Nathanael was quite sick – briefly – but enough to miss a day of school and require … well … a lot of extra cleaning … which we’re still working on.  But he’s a lot better now.

However, to top the day off, the washing machine stopped working and Hannah’s pet fish (Sparky) died.  That which came from the sea has returned to the sea [insert flushing sound here].

(No, no connection between the dead fish and broken washing machine.)

Washing maching fixers

Today I managed to cancel our old internet/phone account (the new one is cheaper, did I mention that?) and start getting some supplies for Hannah’s science class.  Ah, the school programs are a whole other story – it’s a learning curve, let me tell you (although Shari and the kids are doing a great job).

We said goodbye to our washing machine today.  We’ll miss it.  Hopefully it will be back next week sometime.

That’s just some of what’s been entertaining us, on top of our regular work.  Tonight Hannah is going for a sleepover, and tomorrow is the kid’s club/Bible study, so I’m getting ready for that, among other up-coming events.

Soooo… still not feeling well, but we’re making progress.  Sort of.  Well, progress in fixing broken things, anyway.  Which reminds me, Nathanael has a hole in his bike tire.  Must get that fixed.  Soon.

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