Why we leave early to pick up Hannah from school…

by Jim on 26 May 2012

Here in the city, often as we drive over to the neighbourhood of Jesús María, or more often when we take Hannah to school, we see something like this.

Sheep on an Ixtapaluca street

Yes, on the main city streets, a herd of sheep or goats (in this case both), with a shepherd or shepherdess (or goatherd) and a dog or some dogs.

They’ll quite often take up the whole street (often a very busy main street, you understand), in which case you just have to wait.  Or you can try to worm your way around them if you can.  Or they might just stream around you.

Yesterday, Shari happened to have a camera with her.  If we had a camera mounted on the front of our van, oh the things you would see.

Sheep on a Mexico City street

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Kathryn Doorten May 26, 2012 at 4:52 pm


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