Directly Focused in All Directions

by Jim on 12 August 2017

Sunday School reciting verses

Shari and the Sunday School kids reciting verses last Sunday.

Sometimes life is like that. As much as it would be nice to focus your energy on one thing, instead you have to run madly off in all directions!

So that’s what life is like right now, as I take just a moment to take a breath and write you a note.

So what are just a few (seriously, only a few) of the things we’re dealing with right now? Well, getting ready for the school year (Was that book shipped? How are we getting those books to Mexico? It will cost how much??), doing paperwork for visas (Sign this please. And this and this. We need pictures taken – when can we schedule that? Why is this number missing on this document? It will cost how much??), household stuff (Uh oh, that’s falling apart – fix it or replace it? How are we going to find time to deal with those leaks? And those ones?), Sunday service prep (Songs ready? Sunday school materials organized?), preparing for the fall (When are we going to get ready for those studies? Actually, when are we going to have those studies? Who can fill in while so-and-so is away? How can we involve so-and-so?), and a myriad of other concerns (Yes, we should go to the dentist. We need to pick that up, drop that off – why didn’t that shipment come? I was supposed to pay that bill today. We’re running out of….).

Well – what’s coming up tomorrow? Tomorrow we have a guest speaker – our coworkers and friends from the city of Pachuca are coming to our service. We’re looking forward to seeing them, and all the “regulars”, and to learn together from God’s Word.

Meanwhile – I think I had something I was supposed to do…

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Gram Cottrill August 15, 2017 at 12:51 am

Wow! “Directly Focused in All Directions” is a perfect title to describe your chaotic lives at this time.

Remember this little saying? “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard”. Or, how about, “Live in day-tight compartments”.

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