Finding direction: Popular Posts of 2017

by Jim on 31 December 2017

It’s time to take a look back at the last year. It should come as no surprise that the earthquakes end up dominating the top 10 list. So to make it a little more fair, I’m making this a top 11 list. 🙂

Earthquake Relief - Mexico StateThe quakes affected this year in interesting ways. It seems that all of Mexico is dragging and discouraged. Even for those who did not lose their homes, the quake meant closed schools, and so extra homework, longer hours – on the one hand we all feel the results of the quakes, and we’re all tired of 2017. On the other hand, we are thankful to be alive, and have a home (although many still do not!).

Here are the most popular posts from the year, in chronological order. The three most popular posts overall are in bold.

  1. What’s Going on in Mexico (is it about gasoline?) – no doubt about it, the big issue at the beginning of the year was the price of gasoline! This was a bit of news from the front, with a twist at the end.
  2. A Glimpse of 3 Churches – in March we had a special service in the community of Jesús María, and all three churches attended. Here’s a video glimpse of the service.
  3. A Prayer Request, and Remembering a Friend – in the summer, one of our former co-workers went to be with the Lord.
  4. Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Tsunamis – here we go! Early in September, the first earthquake hit.
  5. Quick Earthquake Report – this was my first chance to get online after the power outages due to the second quake. I never have told all the stories of that day, but life kind of got crazy after that.
  6. Relief Effort Today in Mexico State (video) – bringing food and supplies to one town in our state that was hard-hit by the quake. Thanks to many of you who gave financially to help the ongoing relief effort!
  7. Earthquake Relief: Friday Update – a report on another trip that Rod took to provide relief.
  8. Earthquake & Aftershocks: Stories, Pictures, and News – an extensive report on another trip to help earthquake victims.
  9. Missionary Family: Quick Prayer Requests – prayer requests for other missionaries serving with Camino Global in Mexico.
  10. Mexico Earthquakes: Tarps and Tomatillos – a report on those helping provide earthquake relief in creative ways!
  11. First Anniversary Service in Las Palmas (video) – this is the 11th post that I had to include! After all the talk of earthquakes and other news, we can’t forget the blessing of a brand new church in the community of Las Palmas. Praise the Lord!

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