Quick Earthquake Report

by Jim on 20 September 2017

The power just came on, about 16 hours after yesterday’s earthquake. So other than my quick post on Twitter and Facebook right afterwards, this is the first chance I’ve had to connect. In fact, most of you have probably seen more about the quake than we have, although we have been listening to the radio.

As I mentioned on Facebook, we had some damage, although not much. Furniture was moved around, and a few things broke. We haven’t had power until now, precious little cell service, and have very little water now. Without power, we weren’t sure we were able to clean up all the broken glass yesterday, but hopefully we can be more thorough today.

I can write more later, but let me just mention a couple important things.

First, we still haven’t heard about some people from our churches here. Most are accounted for, and fine. Just a few minutes ago I heard from someone from our church in Las Palmas – they were unable to locate their kids for a while, but they are all fine.

However, last I heard there were still some missing from one of the other churches. It’s not surprising, considering that phones have been down and traffic was a little crazy yesterday. But do keep praying.

As you’ve seen in the news, there is quite a bit of damage in the city and quite a few dead, although we are thankful the number is so low. But again, we will all be hearing more today.

Many of you will have the heart that we have on this matter – that it reminds us again of God’s power, and the fact that we will soon be face to face with Him. So you can also pray for the believers here, as they share with many who have either lost loved ones, or are again reminded of the brevity of life.

Thanks for all who have been praying.

The map below shows the big quake we just had, as well as aftershocks from the last week of the previous quake.

Recent quake and previous aftershocks

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