School Begins Again

by Jim on 7 September 2017

As is the case in many families, school time has come again to our household.

For those who don’t know the history, Hannah and Nathanael both attended Mexican schools for a number of years. Now they are being homeschooled, although that too is a yearly decision and is not just one thing.

First Day of School 2017So to some extent we can relate to both sides – the Mexican schools with the many things that need to be purchased before classes start (you have no idea), and the reams of homework even in preschool. And the challenges of various types of homeschooling. (For you attending schools in other countries, we can’t so much relate to what you go through. But we hear enough about school in Canada to know that you have major challenges!)

Both Hannah and Nathanael are doing quite different programs, and every year there are changes. This year, I (Jim) will be doing more schooling, although Shari will still do the majority here, and both Hannah and Nathanael have other teachers/facilitators.

As I say, we’ve made a lot of changes this year, so it will take a few weeks to see how well it’s working. We all have lots to learn!

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Gram September 8, 2017 at 2:24 pm

This homeschooling business sounds complicated and challenging. I admire you for doing the necessary prep.and teaching for what you (we agree!) believe is the best education for Hannah and Nathanael.

May God give you all wisdom and patience as you get accustomed to all the new factors.

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