Some days are like that.

by Jim on 6 June 2017

The day started when I contacted tech support. It’s just a small issue I’ve been meaning to deal with on the computer.

Actually, I was thinking of getting the oven/stove in for repairs today. It’s being held together (literally) with tape.

Alas, first we discovered that the fridge was getting warmer … and warming … so Shari tried a cleaning/defrosting. Will that be enough?

I did need to take the van in for repairs, and of course discovered that there was more to do than I first thought. In fact, there are several things that need to get done – I’m just trying to cover the emergencies before short term teams start arriving (Friday).

So while they kept working, I came home —

Only to discover that our phone is no longer working. I called technical support, and they plan to send someone to look at it on Thursday.

So, I still need to go back to pick up the van, and we’re waiting to see if the fridge is working now, or if it needs to go in for repairs.

We’re also expecting a delivery (a part for something needing replacement in our home). They’ve gotten used to calling us, because the bell hasn’t worked. But now the bell does work, and the phone doesn’t – so apparently they came and thought we weren’t home.

Anyway, I guess I’ll wait on the stove.

Some days are just like that.

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