Sunday in Pachuca

by Jim on 11 December 2017

Yesterday we went to the city of Pachuca, north of Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo. Pachuca is a city of over a quarter million people. And the temperatures are a little cooler than here!

Iglesia Bíblica El Buen PastorAnyway, we went to La Iglesia Bíblica El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Bible Church). We enjoyed worshipping with our old and new friends there (with lots of Christmas songs – even one or two that were new to me!), and I preached.

Preaching was a little bit interesting this time. I was quite sick yesterday – I don’t think I realized how sick I was until today (now that I’m feeling better). So I was in a lot of pain and – better admit it – I was cold! And I didn’t realize how cold I was until I was done preaching. Added to that, we had some technical difficulties – probably all my fault (they were actually really organized and helpful).

So, let’s say with the pain and cold I was a little tense up in the pulpit. But hopefully it was still understandable! As I have been reminded again and again – and as I actually mentioned in my sermon – it is because we’re weak that God’s power is visible in us.

After the service we split up into groups to hand out tracts and talk to people. Mostly short conversations, because people were generally in a rush. Actually, it was funny. I was trying to talk to an older woman who was selling poinsettias. But she was kind of ignoring me and giving short answers. Because – she was busy trying to read the tract that someone else in the church gave her! 🙂

For some people in the church, it was the first time they had done anything like this. So it was fun to be a part of it.

After than, a couple in the church took us out for some very yummy Mexican food, that made me feel a little better (in case you’re interested, I had enchiladas con cecina, in this case tortillas with cheese and green sauce with thinly sliced and salted beef. Anyway, we very much enjoyed our time with them.

And Shari was kind enough to drive us home!

Pilgrims on the highway near PachucaOn the way there, and on the way home, we saw a lot of pilgrims, on foot, bicycle, or in vehicles. It’s getting close to Guadalupe Day (the 12th) when people honour what they believe is a manifestation of the Virgin Mary. ‘Tis the season to not get a lot of sleep, as the “bombas” explode at all hours (as I write, another bomba just set off a car alarm a few metres away).

This is why now, more than ever, people need to hear the message of Christmas. It’s not a message that we can now do more things to find favour with God – or Mary – or a saint. It’s a message that God has sent His Salvation, a gracious gift.

Thanks for your prayers for days yesterday – and today!

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