The Bible Teacher’s Guilty Confession (and some upcoming events)

by Jim on 25 May 2017

I’m such a bad Bible study leader. Do you know what I did?

I’m so ashamed.

For our Bible study passage we … we … we opened the Bible at random.

I know, I know.

Actually, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. We had just finished a two part study on how to study and understand the Bible. We did a review, and then as a bonus we look at 7 ways to look for Christ in the Old Testament. My claim was that you should be able to open up to any page in the Old Testament and find Christ.

So – after we got the training, we tried it out. Sure enough, we found Christ in several ways in – where was it? Some chapter in Jeremiah. It was quite interesting, actually. I noticed some things I hadn’t before.

Really, you should try it. Just don’t open the Bible at random expecting that it will be talking about you. That’s when you get into trouble!

Tomorrow we’ll head into “grey areas” – yes, actually a study about how to figure out what to do when the Bible doesn’t address it directly (how to dress – video games – going to the casino – you name it!).

Actually, this study is online in English – here is part 1, and here is part 2.

Cake creation 2017 begins!I’m preaching on Sunday, and would appreciate your prayers. Once again I’ve been learning about some things that have really confused me in the past, from Mark 6. Amazing stuff.

In the midst of all this – it’s (a slightly belated) birthday season! This week, a party for Hannah, and next week a party for Nathanael. Hannah’s party is a dolphin theme, and we’re taking her and some friends to the aquarium in Mexico City.

But if you know Shari, you won’t be surprised to know – cakes are being created!

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Gram May 28, 2017 at 11:47 pm

Looking forward to pictures of the cakes, etc.

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