Wheelchair and Earthquake Outreach – Please Pray

by Jim on 21 December 2017

Yesterday Shari and Hannah joined Rod and Mayra and others related to our community centre for a special wheelchair presentation here in the neighbourhood of Santa Barbara. Several people in need of a wheelchair received one through our community centre and the Free Wheelchair Mission. There was a program with family and friends, in which the gospel was clearly presented.Tracts and Gospels

Please pray for everyone who heard God’s Word. Even with a “clear presentation”, there is so much confusion from false teaching here that it takes a miracle for people to understand and accept the gospel. Then again, it is always a miracle, in the truest sense of the word, when someone understands and accepts the gospel!

It’s amazing how many people are involved in a simple event like this. Obviously those who support the missionaries here are involved. But people were also given the earthquake tract provided through Camino Global, and also a Gospel of John. The Gospels were provided to us by the Pocket New Testament League.

Wheelchair outreach - December 2017

Please pray for the earthquake outreach that’s taking place today and tomorrow. We’re not going ourselves, but through our community centre and gifts donated through Camino Global (thank you!), we have a part in what’s happening.

We have a friend who is involved in building houses for earthquake victims. It’s an amazing process – I’ll have to tell you more about it sometime. Actually, for those of you who donated, we will try to send out more information in the new year.

A group from one of our related churches is going again to share the gospel and provide help in a community very much affected by the quakes. We’re able to provide four tents for four families. There are some who not only have no home, they don’t even have access to an outhouse.

The community centre is also very much involved in providing help in the state of Oaxaca, where we have contacts. We’re focusing especially on providing comizcales, which are special ovens that people use to provide food and income for their families. Many of these were destroyed in the quakes. As one woman in the region said,”I would rather have my comizcal than a pantry full of food”.

The words of one of our contacts in Oaxaca could be in the mouths of anyone trying to serve the people of Mexico in this difficult time. “Please beg God to keep in the hearts of the Christian Church their brothers and sisters in this region of the country… because this way, at least someone cares about us and remembers to pray for us.”

So please pray for all those travelling today and tomorrow to share God’s word and help those who are still so much in need after the quakes. And pray for those who are receiving, that they will understand the greatest Gift that God is offering them.

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