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Organize Your Prayer Life in 2018 (it’s not as hard as you think)

27 December 2017 Computers and internet

Everybody has their special strategy for their prayer life. Or – wait – no, they don’t! And even if we do, we don’t always stick to it. But prayer really is an important part of our service as believers. So let me share an idea or two that I’ve found useful. For many years I […]

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Life Late in August 2016

23 August 2016 Computers and internet

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve heard an unusual amount of silence lately! Well, part of the problem is our internet service – lack of, that is. Our internet company is rebranding as “IZZI”. Which means everyone with the company is migrating over to new service plans. On the 8th of August, an IZZI […]

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The Migraine Experience (in VR)

9 April 2016 Computers and internet

I haven’t written about migraine here for a while, but watching a video yesterday prompted me to post. Excedrin recently started a campaign known as “The Migraine Experience”. They found four migraine sufferers, and got them together with virtual reality (VR) experts to actually recreate their migraine attacks in VR. Of course there’s only so […]

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The World Is Changing (video)

14 February 2015 Computers and internet

When we moved to Mexico, Facebook had just opened its doors to everyone. Still, it wasn’t a big thing in Mexico until quite a while later. But today, when a short term missionary comes to Mexico, they connect with new friends on Facebook and their friendships and ministry can continue even when they leave. Facebook […]

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Feeds, Google Reader (RIP), and Finding direction

2 July 2013 Computers and internet

As of today, the popular RSS reader, Google Reader, is gone.  I’ve made good use of it over the past few years.  But will I spend hours in mourning?  No.  Well, probably not. Instead, I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you that we have a lovely news feed here at Finding direction, and […]

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1500 Posts?! (er… 1501)

3 May 2012 Computers and internet

Hey, guess what?  That last blog post was post #1500 on this blog.  Wow. That means there has been a post every 2-3 days on average.  This blog has now been around for 3498 days, or over 113 months, just over 9.5 years. If you’d like to check out some posts from the past, visit the […]

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