Devotional and Bible

Beside the Chilly Wave

13 April 2017 Devotional and Bible

Recently my Dad introduced me to a remarkable and yet mostly forgotten old hymn. It was written by a man from Ohio with the surprising name Tullius Clinton O’Kane. During his life he was a school principle, a travelling salesman, and ran a choral society. He imagines a multitude passing through death to their final […]

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Daily Bible Reading: Another Idea for You

30 December 2016 Devotional and Bible

I haven’t talked much about what I’ve been doing for Bible reading this past year, but since I’ve really been enjoying it I thought I would share. Now before I explain, I should say one thing. If you haven’t done it before, I would recommend you start by reading through the Bible – either from […]

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Index for Series: When Was Jesus Born?

23 December 2016 Devotional and Bible

Thanks for joining me over the past few weeks as I explored the question – When was Jesus born?. I hope it’s been a help to you! If you’d like to read all the posts from beginning to end, here’s the list, with a summary of each: Series: When Was Jesus Born? – Introduction (and […]

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Who cares when Jesus was born? (Series: When Was Jesus Born?)

17 December 2016 Devotional and Bible

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about the date of Jesus’ birth. And so someone might ask – who cares? What difference does it make? Is all this really important? There are actually a number of reasons why I think it’s worth our time to stop and think about the issue. First, knowing […]

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The Day of Jesus’ Birth part 2 (Series: When Was Jesus Born?)

10 December 2016 Devotional and Bible

We’ve been talking about the actual day of Jesus’ birth – a very tricky question. In the last post, I pointed out that there probably were sheep and shepherds out in the fields all year round, so no specific help there. We also talked about what I think are some very serious problems with the […]

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The Day of Jesus’ Birth (Series: When Was Jesus Born?)

3 December 2016 Devotional and Bible

“Everybody knows” that whenever Jesus was born, it most certainly was NOT on the 25th of December. I’ve heard it again and again – but maybe we shouldn’t be quite so confident. So what are some of the common objections to the December date? First, because it does get quite chilly in Israel at this […]

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