A Quick Update from Windy Ixtapalcua

8 December 2017 Family

Hello from windy Ixtapaluca! I feel like I’m on the Saskatchewan prairies, except that there are leaves everywhere. 🙂 I suppose it’s part of “Winter Storm Benji”, which seems to stretch from the Maritimes in Canada down to Mexico. It will likely be below 0C here over the weekend (lows overnight), a bit low for […]

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Retro: María y José

7 December 2017 Family

Well, I just couldn’t resist posting this classic from 10 years ago today. Hannah and Nathanael, all ready for the church Christmas program in Cuernavaca. Hannah as María, Nathanael as José, and a doll named Susan playing Baby Jesús.

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Retro: Sunflowers

18 October 2017 Family

Here’s another Hannah & Nathanael classic for you, a video taken 10 years ago this very day in Cuernavaca.

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School Begins Again

7 September 2017 Family

As is the case in many families, school time has come again to our household. For those who don’t know the history, Hannah and Nathanael both attended Mexican schools for a number of years. Now they are being homeschooled, although that too is a yearly decision and is not just one thing. So to some […]

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Retro: First Day of School 2007

20 August 2017 Family

Ten years ago today, at 7:49am – Hannah and Nathanael were heading off to their first day of school – all in Spanish – at Colegio del Bosque in Cuernavaca. Here they are, all ready with uniforms and backpacks. For more on our adventures getting ready for the school year in 2007, check out Kids […]

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Hannah Heads to Camp

10 July 2017 Family

Today Hannah will be heading to camp, along with 8 other youth from our church. They’re going to the Word of Life camp which is north of Mexico City in the state of Querétaro. She’ll be gone for a week, so I’m sure she would appreciate your prayers (and her parents would too!). 🙂 Do […]

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