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Retro: Giddyap!

19 January 2018 Family

We’re continuing our monthly series of pictures/videos from 10 years ago. This one is a picture. Apparently January 2008 was a big month for birthday parties. Of course, with all their school friends, a lot of months were big for birthday parties! Anyway, a part of this particular party, for a friend from school, was […]

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Retro: María y José

7 December 2017 Family

Well, I just couldn’t resist posting this classic from 10 years ago today. Hannah and Nathanael, all ready for the church Christmas program in Cuernavaca. Hannah as María, Nathanael as José, and a doll named Susan playing Baby Jesús.

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Retro: Elements of the Offering

1 November 2017 Just for fun

This is a bit of an unusual retro post, but it does say something about what life was like ten years ago today. The poster below was put up at our language school in Cuernavaca. It lists the “essential elements” of the ofrenda, the offering to the dead that you’ll see at most schools, homes, […]

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Retro: Sunflowers

18 October 2017 Family

Here’s another Hannah & Nathanael classic for you, a video taken 10 years ago this very day in Cuernavaca.

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Retro: Our First Independence Day

15 September 2017 Just for fun

Ok, actually the day before Independence Day. This photo was taken ten years ago today, when we were celebrating with some people from the church in Cuernavaca at Toby and Marilyn Casteel’s house. That was one full house!

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Bonus Retro…

29 August 2017 Just for fun

One bonus retro picture for this month. This picture was taken ten years ago today in Cuernavaca. I believe these gals were out celebrating Michelle O’Brien’s birthday. So, from left to right… Le’Ann Downs, Diana Harer, Elaine Lee, Marilyn Casteel, Michelle O’Brien, Shari Cottrill

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