Sunday in Pachuca

11 December 2017 Mexico

Yesterday we went to the city of Pachuca, north of Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo. Pachuca is a city of over a quarter million people. And the temperatures are a little cooler than here! Anyway, we went to La Iglesia Bíblica El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Bible Church). We enjoyed worshipping with our […]

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A Quick Update from Windy Ixtapalcua

8 December 2017 Family

Hello from windy Ixtapaluca! I feel like I’m on the Saskatchewan prairies, except that there are leaves everywhere. 🙂 I suppose it’s part of “Winter Storm Benji”, which seems to stretch from the Maritimes in Canada down to Mexico. It will likely be below 0C here over the weekend (lows overnight), a bit low for […]

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The Day of the Dead, Coco, and the Bible

1 November 2017 Devotional and Bible

The Hallowe’en/Days of the Dead celebrations are in full swing here in Mexico. And immigration and media are bringing the celebrations to the world, like never before. In 2015, the James Bond movie Spectre opened with a huge Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City – a parade that didn’t exist until the movie […]

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Retro: Elements of the Offering

1 November 2017 Just for fun

This is a bit of an unusual retro post, but it does say something about what life was like ten years ago today. The poster below was put up at our language school in Cuernavaca. It lists the “essential elements” of the ofrenda, the offering to the dead that you’ll see at most schools, homes, […]

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Earthquake Aftermath Update

12 October 2017 Mexico

This week, for the first time after the recent quakes, many students finally returned to school. It took a long time before many schools were either repaired or declared safe. (Our church was finally able to meet at our normal location on the 8th, after scrambling for two Sundays to find other options.) As you […]

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Mexico Earthquakes: Tarps and Tomatillos

4 October 2017 Mexico

Mexico continues with recovery efforts after the three earthquakes in September (or two and a major aftershock, depending on how you count them. But of course there have been many aftershocks – which continue even today). It’s about time for another quick update. What’s Been Happening? We personally have not been able to go out […]

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