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First Anniversary Service in Las Palmas (video)

9 November 2017 Ministry glimpses

Here are a few clips that I’ve thrown together of the service on Sunday. Due to copyright restrictions on YouTube, I haven’t included any of the music, but there are at least a few pictures at the end. Anyway, it will give you a bit of an idea of who was there and what we […]

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Tomorrow: First Anniversary of Sendero de Vida Las Palmas!

4 November 2017 Prayer and Praise

Yes, tomorrow will be the big celebration – one year since the first service of the Path of Life Bible Church of Las Palmas! I’m hoping to get some video clips of the service for you, or at least some pictures. It’s going to be fun! It’s great to see what God has done in […]

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Mexico Earthquakes: Tarps and Tomatillos

4 October 2017 Mexico

Mexico continues with recovery efforts after the three earthquakes in September (or two and a major aftershock, depending on how you count them. But of course there have been many aftershocks – which continue even today). It’s about time for another quick update. What’s Been Happening? We personally have not been able to go out […]

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Missionary Family: Quick Prayer Requests

27 September 2017 Mexico

We’re meeting with the Camino Global missionaries this week, and so I have some related prayer requests to share. We have a new missionary family who had a rough night last night. They have three young kids who were quite sick last night, and so they had to go home to Puebla today. So we […]

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Earthquake & Aftershocks: Stories, Pictures, and News

24 September 2017 Mexico

The News Part A significant aftershock hit on Saturday (Shari felt it, I didn’t), and another today. We say “aftershock”, but there is even disagreement about which earthquake these are aftershocks of. The fact of the matter is, we know a lot less than you might think when it comes to earthquakes and plate tectonics. […]

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Earthquake Relief: Friday Update

22 September 2017 Mexico

We’re very thankful for those of you who have been praying for us, and for so many believers who are trying to reach out during this time. We are thankful that things aren’t a lot worse for us. Of course, we are directly affected in some ways. We won’t be getting our visas this week, […]

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